Arya's Killing Spree Probably Isn't Over in 'GoT' Season 7


As the famous saying goes, “You can take A Girl out of Braavos, but you can’t take the Faceless Man assassin-school training out of A Girl.” Game of Thrones Season 6 ended with Arya Stark getting some long overdue vengeance for the Red Wedding in the form of serving Walder Frey a truly twisted death — but her murder spree likely won’t be over in Season 7.

A new casting report maintains that we will see yet another Frey Lord in the Season 7 premiere, which suggests that Arya’s time in the Twins is not over. After all, with just two abbreviated seasons left, the show hardly has time to linger on scenes featuring families as inconsequential as the Freys. The most likely answer is that Season 7 will open with Arya continuing to slit throats and bake Sweeney Todd-style pies, perhaps bringing the entire Frey house down.

This is intriguing because it contrasts with the brief Season 7 teaser, which shows Arya looking regal and every inch the Stark as she rides a horse against a snowy backdrop. Is she “No One” the faceless assassin, or is she Arya Stark? She can’t have it both ways — and the weakest aspect of Season 6 was that it tried to.

Come Season 7, Arya’s plotline might be in for an identity crisis. And if she’s heading for a reunion with her long-lost direwolf Nymeria and long-lost crush Gendry, it’s a safe bet that her identity as Arya Stark will triumph over No One.

Call A Girl crazy, but that’s one development that’s been a long time coming.

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