Sebastian Stan Teases Fans With the Winter Soldier's Shield


In the fallout of this year’s Captain America: Civil War, there is no Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The mantle — or rather, the shield — is up for grabs, and fans think Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) will fill in for his pal Steve Rogers as he did in the comics. While the Captain America of tomorrow is a mystery, Stan is fueling speculation with a custom shield he’s showing off at conventions.

Created by prop studio Shield Labs based in Kansas City, Missouri, Stan sports his own “Red Star” shield made out of leather, aluminum alloy, metal (duh), and paint. The shield is a riff on the classic Captain America shield, with the blue and red replaced with silver and the center white star turned crimson red. Although the shield was made for Stan, anyone can have their own for $500 on Shield Labs’s Etsy.

Sebastian Stan first showed off the Red Star on his Instagram page on Monday afternoon, thanking Casey McBroom of Shield Labs. “Will come in handy…” he teased.

But Stan has had the shield for awhile; when the actor appeared at Wizard World Tulsa in October, he revealed the shield behind his autograph table, to the delight of fans. It was only this past Monday when Stan publicly thanked Shield Labs for the prop.

A few up-close shots on Shield Labs’s Instagram page show the Red Star shield with some sweet weathered detailing.

Captain America directors the Russo Brothers recently confirmed Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU. In the comics after the Civil War storyline, Steve Rogers is assassinated by Crossbones, allowing Bucky Barnes to replace him as the new Captain America. Chris Evans previously said his contract with Marvel is up in 2017, but the next Avengers movie, Infinity War will be released in 2018. Regardless of what happens to Steve Rogers, he can always rely on his friend Bucky Barnes.

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