Kevin Feige Says 'Captain Marvel' is the Strongest MCU Hero

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If you don’t know who Captain Marvel is now, you better figure it out real quick. According to Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios head, Carol Danvers will be the most powerful character ever introduced to the MCU.

Carol Danvers began her superhero career as Ms. Marvel, after an accident with Kree technology left her with cosmic superpowers. Fortunately, as her story progressed, she began to assume more leadership roles within the Marvel comic universe, eventually heading up the Alpha Flight program.

You can see her now as leader of her own faction of superheroes in Marvel’s Civil War II as she battles against Team Iron Man in the battle for the the Marvel Universe’s soul. And based on how things look in the upcoming, All-New Marvel universe, it looks as if Captain Marvel will be the winner.

Captain Marvel by Elizabeth Torque

Elizabeth Torque

“If you had the collector cards of the Marvel characters and you could see the power levels, she would be off the charts compared to anyone that weve previously introduced in a film,” explained Feige. There’s reason to believe that his words aren’t just meant to hype up the Captain Marvel film, especially so far away from the release date in 2019.

When explaining the character in-depth, and specifically the casting of Brie Larson, Feige reveals, “With Captain Marvel, who has powers that approach a level that we haven’t seen before in our films, you need to counter-balance that by finding somebody who is also very human and very relatable and can get into a groove with the audience, where they’re willing to see her fly through the sun and punch a moon away from a spacecraft. At the same time, we need her to land and have relatable flaws.”

The MCU is very much in the a state of transition at the moment. Doctor Strange introduced the mystical realm into the MCU, and now it appears as if Captain Marvel is about to shake-up the current status-quo in terms of superhero strength.

Captain Marvel

Ramon Rosanas

Meanwhile, in the comics, Captain Marvel has risen as the savior the comic universe is looking for. As head of Alpha Flight, and the Ultimates, a team that handles Earth’s intergalactic threats from cosmic gods like Galactus, Captain Marvel is arguably the most important team leader in the Marvel comics.

It will be interesting to see what the MCU version of Captain Marvel will look like now that Feige has revealed her power levels. As a flying, super-strong, laser beam-firing badass, Captain Marvel reall can “punch a moon away” which is in-line with her comic book strength. But the question remains how she will take joining the MCU, and whether she would be content not being team leader given that she is far and away the strongest hero in the room.

Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, is scheduled for March 8, 2019.

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