'Stranger Things' Season 2 Enlists a Conspiracy Theorist


Hawkins, Indiana has a new resident, and he’s wondering what all the interdimensional Demogorgon drama is about. Actor Brett Gelman has joined up as a cast member for Stranger Things Season 2 as a character named Murray Bauman, an amateur sleuth trying to get to the bottom of the supernatural happenings in the once sleepy midwestern town from Netflix’s breakout hit.

Bauman is described as “a disgraced journalist-turned-conspiracy theorist who is investigating a cold case in Hawkins,” per The Hollywood Reporter, which means he’ll be actively involved in the fallout from Season 1. He’ll show up to town as an outsider looking for a sensational story and figure out what Dr. Brenner was up to at the Hawkins national laboratory when he and his government cronies used telepathic wunderkind Eleven to tear open a rift to the Upside Down.

But since Brenner was last seen as Demogorgon dinner, Bauman might cross paths with Dr. Owens, the senior government operative played by Paul Reiser who’s also a new character for Season 2.

Owens is allegedly brought in to mop up the trouble Brenner caused, which might be tough. Mike and his best buds will inevitably be itching to figure out what happened to Will Byers during all that time he was missing, and how it’ll affect him going forward. Plus, newcomer Roman (Linnea Berthelsen), seems like she’s drawn to Hawkins because she was also involved in the MKUltra experiments just like Terry Ives.

The Stranger Things Season 2 cast just keeps growing, and now that we know a character like Bauman will be trying to put the bigger pieces together, the story might keep growing as well.

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