Harley Kills for Joker’s Love in 'Suicide Squad' Deleted Clip

In one of the few scenes added to the Suicide Squad Extended Cutreleased this past Monday — we see a pre-Harley-fied Harleen chase the Joker down on a motorcycle and literally kill a guy to earn Joker’s love.

The tense scene crops up during the regular narrative of the film as yet another of the many flashbacks interspersed throughout. Upon seeing a busted black motorcycle on the ground in the ground zero of Midway City, Harley Quinn is sent whirling down memory lane to simpler times of acrobatic motorcycle crashes and shooting truck drivers in the head.

Take a gander:

The difficulty with a movie like Suicide Squad was definitely in its jumbled timeline and hyper-convoluted plot, but it did have some shining moments. And here, we get something of a firm line of plot connecting disparate points in the story of Harley and the Joker. After Harleen helped the Joker to escape — but noticeably and presumably right before her dive into acid — he tried to run away from her, as silly boys are wont to do.

After purposefully crashing her bike directly in front of his car (weird move, by the way, considering he probably could have just swerved around it), she accosts him with, “You’re not leaving me! I have done everything you said, every test, every trial, every initiation.” She just wants him to accept her love. He murmurs under his breath that she is a “pain in the ass.” They have a few moments of “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” before a bawdy truck driver calls the Joker a “dick-face” and Harleen a “bitch” before Harleen shoots him in the head with the Joker’s gun.

Most important is a moment when she brandishes the gun on the Joker. After he goofs around, she says, “My heart scares you, and a gun doesn’t?” At this, he laughs, snatching the gun (of course), before saying, “If you weren’t so crazy, I’d think you were insane.”

Though the Joker does continue to rebuff her advances here, it seems like in the progression of things, this moment would come almost directly before her final transformation into Harley Quinn, as she’s still sporting the thick glasses and hasn’t yet gotten the colorful, insane look with bleached skin just yet. He tries to send her away, but we know that she would never give up on her puddin’.

Look for this and other new scenes in the Suicide Squad Extended Cut, now available digitally and on Blu-ray.

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