Valiant's Superheroes are Under Attack in New 'Harbinger' Video

Valiant Comics

Valiant, a comic book publisher looking to compete in the crowded field of superhero cinematic universes, has released a new video trailer for their upcoming comic, Harbinger Renegade,. The trailer promises all the superhero mayhem and head explosions you could possibly want from a comic book, but the story is populated with characters you may not know well yet.

If you’ve been hearing the name Valiant a lot recently, it’s because the comic publisher has been making big plays to become the next big superhero obsession. The company is already in the process of developing a series of films and TV shows based on their huge library of characters. Harbinger Renegade is Valiant’s main, superhero team series that unites some of the publishers most popular characters to battle it out against an unknown villain who could end up destroying the Valiant universe. This series will create the foundation that leads up to Valiant’s huge, upcoming event series, the “Harbinger Wars 2”.

Valiant’s Harbinger Renegade comes from comic writer Rafer Roberts and cult artist Darick Robertson, and the trailer is a good look at the trippy, violent series that depicts a world in which psychic powers can be awoken in individuals known as “Psiots”. Unfortunately, the haphazard, DIY method of gaining powers is leaving too many people dead.

Valiant famously has one of the largest stables of superheroes in comic books, and Harbinger Renegade introduces some of the company’s more interesting characters including Peter Stancheck whose multiple powers include telekinesis, mind control, and being able to awaken powers in individuals. He’s joined by Faith “Zephyr” Herbert, a Psiot who can fly, Torque, who can create a hologram of himself that has super strength, and Kris Hathaway as the team’s leader.

While it’s unclear how things will eventually play out in the “Harbinger Wars”, Harbinger Renegade appears to be the best starting point for fans interested in the Valiant universe.

Harbinger Renegade #1 will hit comic book stores and digital retailers November 16, 2016.

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