Where Will Snapchat's Glasses Be Sold Next?

The company isn't giving many hints just yet.

Snap Spectacles screenshot

A bright-yellow vending machine showed up in a Venice Beach parking lot early Thursday, and soon people were waiting several hours to get their hands on a pair of Spectacles, Snapchat’s sunglasses with a built-in camera. The early reviews are that those Snapchat glasses are incredibly fun.

If all the colorful ads and hype have you wanting your own pair of Spectacles, good luck. Snapbots, the name for the Spectacles-dispensing machines, are currently the only place to buy the glasses (unless you feel like spending several hundred dollars on eBay, and much like the videos the glasses make, the bots are only around for about 24 hours.

As for where those yellow bots are going to pop up next, Snapchat isn’t offering up much information. Clicking the “Find a Bot” button on the Spectacles homepage currently takes you to a sleeping Snapbot animation and some flashing question marks. Presumably there will be a map there eventually, but until then refreshing the page and checking the Spectacles Twitter account are the best bets. Their only hint? The Snapbots will be placed in scenic spots so you can use your Spectacles immediately (don’t worry, they come fully charged).

This is less than helpful.

Snap Spectacles screenshot

When Snapchat decides to reveal where the next Snapbot will be making an appearance, there will be a map on their site, along with a geofilter in the phone app and vague hints on Twitter. Until a vending machine pops up near you, you can use a special filter in the app to virtually try a pair on to decide if they’re worth the $130 and long lines (and avoid the annoying return process).

For now, anybody who wants a pair should keep checking