'Expanse' Season 2 Will Hinge on One Martian Soldier

The second season of the solar system-spanning epic The Expanse will refocus its space opera story through the point of view of a Martian foot soldier named Bobbie Draper.

Appropriately, Draper first appeared in the pages in Caliban’s War, the second book in the series of James S.A. Corey novels upon which The Expanse is based. The new season looks to be following several aspects of the books, insofar as the struggles of humans living on Mars are coming to the forefront of events this season. Meanwhile, the hard-nosed detective Joe Miller has joined the crew of the Rocinante as they try to straddle the various human civil wars threatening to erupt all around them.

But, as Executive Producer Mark Fergus said at New York Comic Con, it’s Bobbie Draper’s story which will pull audiences in for this particular season. “You see big issues through the eyes of a foot soldier, somebody on the ground who really embodies the aspirations of her whole planet. Bobbie is this giant new window into the story.”

Watch the new trailer here:

Season 2 of The Expanse debuts on the SyFy Channel on February 8, 2017.