Cersei Won't Keep Jaime Away From His BFF in 'GoT' Season 7  


Cersei taking the Iron Throne will shake up Game of Thrones Season 7 in unpredictable ways, but we already know about one development it won’t change: Jaime Fookin’ Lannister and his best bud, Bronn.

Game of Thrones fans, the path ahead is dark and full of spoilers.

We already know that Season 7 will show the Lannisters seizing the Tyrell stronghold Highgarden, making Season 7 the first time it’s shown onscreen. But a new set report shows that Jaime and his best friend Bronn will pause for a moment of snark, reflection, and presumably affection belied by excellent barbs atop the battlements.

While this isn’t an earth-shattering detail, it’s a nice surprise that one of the show’s best buddy-cop pairings will stay together. The story has previously separated pairings like Arya and the Hound with no indication of a reunion, even with his return from the dead. And the team of Jon Snow and his right hand man Tormund looks doomed, as Tormund does not seem to be included in the major Season 7 setpiece featuring seventeen characters. Arya’s old pal Gendry is returning, but the two have been separated for years. Cersei as the Queen would have every reason to ruin Jaime’s happiness for the vindictive pleasure of it, but that does not seem to be her focus.

Jaime Fookin’ Lannister and Bronn have a friendship that has seen a unique longevity for this story that loves severing ties. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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