You Can Make Donald Trump's Shitty Website Say Whatever You Want

The cyber is so big. The hugest cyber.

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Even though it is 2016, nobody on the Trump or Clinton campaigns knows how to use a computer. Donald Trump, in particular, has had a hell of a time grappling with “the cyber,” and his official campaign website offers proof.

First, tech-savvy sleuths realized that the ticker of “real-time donations” was actually a loop. Now, a flaw in the code of his website allowed any schmuck to write an official-looking press release on

What happened, as best we can tell, is that the staff built the title of their press release archives page by adding it to the end of the URL. Usually, there’s some sort of validation required to make this work, which is one of the reasons why 404 pages exist. The Trump team, though, forgot to validate it. Maybe it was a time-saving measure, but it was very easy to exploit it for internet hijinks.

As Andy Baio notes, all you had to do was type in the address ““ and then add whatever words or phrases you wanted after the last slash.

Like this:

There have been a lot of fun memes this election season that the Trump campaign really ought to have issued an official release about.

Or what about a more straightforward approach to major scandals?

The campaign should’ve recognized Dat Boi. We can fix that.

Or, hell, let’s just try to get the entire script to Bee Movie in there.

Sadly, the Trump team appears to have shut this fun loophole down, since the text no longer appears on the site. You’d think maybe they have more important things to deal with, though.

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