The Best Starting Perks in 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare'

Get an advantage over your enemies. 

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Like Call of Duty games before it, Infinite Warfare features a perks system that gives your character bonus stats to improve your performance in multiplayer matches. If you’re new to multiplayer, it’s super important that you start using these perks right away. You’re even given a few to start out, and as you level up you’ll gain access to even more. Some perks are better than others depending on the situation. If you’re a newcomer, you’ll want to choose perks that will protect you from stronger opponents. Here are a few perks we recommend for beginners.


Blind Eye

This perk is unlocked by default, so you don’t even have to wait to unlock it! Blind Eye ensures that you’re undetectable by enemy AI sentries and air support. It’s vital to keep you from getting hit by drones and other flying hazards enemies might send your way. More experienced players especially like to use the drones made available by high scorestreaks, so this perk is almost crucial to your survival.

Dexterity lets you reload and change weapons in the blink of an eye.

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Dexterity, which is unlocked at level 5, helps you reload and switch out weapons faster. Your opponents are likely to have better weapons and finely tuned reaction times. The key here is faster reloads, meaning you’ll be less vulnerable when going up against stronger enemies. It’s especially helpful if you rely on a secondary weapon and need to change things up mid-match.

Pair perks with rig specific traits for even more bonuses. 

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Hardline gives you bonus points for assists, meaning you’ll be able to reach scorestreaks more easily. What’s more, if you’re playing as the Warfighter Rig, you can pair it with the Ping trait, you can get more points if your teammate kills an enemy you tagged. This will level the playing field a bit, giving you quicker access to scorestreaks like UAV.

Hardline lets you fight on the fly. 



This perk is great if you’re using a shotgun loadout or something that’s equally in-your-face. Gung-ho lets you shoot and use scorestreaks all while sprinting and sliding across the map if you’re more into a parkour approach to combat. The trait also lets you toss grenades from the hip.

Find your enemies before they find you. 

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Pin Point

If you’re worried about your accuracy starting out, Pin Point can help. When you’re dealing or taking damage, your enemy will be outlined on the screen, helping you target them and ease. If you notice bullets flying past your head, you might just be lucky enough to get into cover and get a shot off at your enemy thanks to this perk. It’s a nice little tool that gives you a some help early on in the rush of battle.

Perks are vital to building up your loadout. You can’t use all of these perks at once, so take a look and decide which ones best suit your rig and your personal play style. Keep a good balance of preventative perks that keep you from being spotted by opponents, and perks that boost your weapon’s performance, speed, or accuracy. A smart combination of perks will go a long way to improve your survivability in multiplayer.

Choose wisely. 

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