'Catalyst' Book Will Reveal Who Has the Force in 'Rogue One'


Contrary to previous reports, one of the characters in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will use the Force. The good money is Chirrut Îmwe, our favorite blind monk who clearly has a spiritual connection to that mystical energy field which controls the destinies of many. But, what if we’re being thrown a Star Wars curveball here? What if it’s Jyn who wields the Force?

Rumblings on Reddit have indicted that at least a few people have indeed read the in-canon prequel novel Catalyst, and that the book does contain mild spoilers that one of the characters in Rogue One is more Force-sensitive than we thought. Again, the first reaction here is to assume the person who uses the Force in Rogue One would be the guy who talks about the Force in the trailers: Chirrut Îmwe. But … the only problem with that is Catalyst is supposed to focus on a time before the events of Rogue One, specifically Jyn’s family and their relationship with Orson Krennic.


Conceivably, Chirrut Îmwe might not even be in the Catalyst book, making it seem more likely that the Force sensitive person in Rogue One is Jyn Erso herself. We know Jyn’s mother, Lyra Erso, will feature in flashbacks in Rogue One and that she’s already shown-up excerpts in Catalyst. Based on all that, here’s the conjecture: Lyra Erso will use the Force in Catalyst, which will set up Jyn using the Force in Rogue One.

And even if this is wrong, we’ll know either way in a week when Catalyst hits bookstores on November 15.

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