Gal Gadot Wants to Romance Halle Berry in 'Wonder Woman 2'

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot recently came out and said that she’d like Diana Prince to have a female love interest in the likely sequel to her upcoming solo debut. But she doesn’t want just any girlfriend; she wants Halle Berry, and here’s are a few choices for who the former Catwoman could play next.

Comic book writers Greg Rucka and Gail Simone previously confirmed that Wonder Woman is canonically queer, but her bisexuality is not being addressed in the first film. Of course, just because someone isn’t shown as bisexual doesn’t mean they’re straight, and Gadot left the door open to further exploring Diana’s sexuality in future films. Most recently, on a talk show in Israel, she even said who she would like to play her girlfriend.

“I saw her the other day, Halle Berry. She’s so beautiful. Wow! She’s gorgeous! So … yeah, I could do it with her,” Gadot said.

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Halle Berry already has a history with comic book films, through both Marvel and DC. She played Storm in the 20th Century Fox-produced X-Men films about the Marvel series, and she starred as the titular Catwoman in the Warner Bros. film loosely based on the Batman DC character. However, just because she’s already been characters in both Marvel and DC-based works doesn’t mean she should be out of the running for Wonder Woman’s next love interest. After all, Chris Evans played both the Human Torch and Captain America. So, here’s who Berry could and (possibly) should play in Wonder Woman 2.

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Mala is one of the few Amazonians who isn’t already credited as being in Wonder Woman, and it’s a shame. Mala was a key figure in the Golden Age adventures of Wonder Woman. She was a childhood friend of Diana, and was with her when they first discovered Steve Trevor. She was even the final Amazon standing next to Diana to determine who would go out into the world as Wonder Woman. Mala came back in Wonder Woman: Earth One, which was largely praised for how it embraced the series’s radical feminist roots and portrayals of open sexuality.

It would be great to see Berry emerge as someone who was once an important part of Diana’s life, before she became Wonder Woman. It could bring Diana back to her Themysciran roots, pulling her between two worlds, much like what’s happened to Thor throughout his solo films.

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In order for this to work, we’d have to remove the possibility that Nubia is Diana’s sister. This can be easily undone. Instead of having them formed from the same clay, later kidnapped by Mars, simply have her be born and raised by the God of War. Hey, it worked for Disney’s Hercules.

Anyway, a non-sister Nubia would be an amazing love interest for Diana, because their history is so complex. In a sense, Nubia is Diana’s perfect rival. She rules over an island of men and claims she’s the true Wonder Woman, fighting Diana for the right to the title. She even has a magic sword that’s the only weapon on Earth that can counteract Diana’s lasso.

Nubia could be a great jumping-off point for a sequel, a female-led war that culminates in the two of them discovering that they love each other and that there’s room for another to take the WW mantle (Nubia serves as WW in an alternate universe). Berry could knock that out of the park.

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Hey, if Ryan Reynolds can reprise his role as Deadpool despite the atrocity that was his portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then Berry can absolutely return as Catwoman. As disastrous as the 2004 film was, it certainly wasn’t Berry’s fault. She tried her hardest, and when it didn’t work out, she took it all on the chin, including accepting the film’s multiple Razzie Awards in-person. It would be great to see Berry try her clawed hand as the Selene Kyle version of the character, and having Wonder Woman romance Catwoman after both of them had relationships with Batman would be extra sweet.

Sadly, it could be years before we see any of this happen. Wonder Woman comes out June 2, 2017, and no sequel has been announced yet.

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