Gail Simone Doesn't Have Time for 'Wonder Woman' Queer Fear

One does not simply lecture the longest-running female writer of Wonder Woman comics about Wonder Woman’s sexuality.

DC comic book writer Gail Simone has been schooling some angry DC fans on Twitter after fellow writer Greg Rucka confirmed last week that Wonder Woman is canonically queer. Apparently, a few fans aren’t happy that Wonder Woman likes both ladies and guys, and have been trying to retcon Wonder Woman’s sexuality instead of listening to someone who would actually know it best.

For the most part, DC fans have been pretty cool, if not unsurprised, about the announcement that Wonder Woman is queer. Simone, who’s credited as the longest-running female writer of Wonder Woman, said she and other writers have been saying Wonder Woman is queer for years and that the character’s complex sexuality goes all the way to her origins. After all, she grew up on Themyscira, an island of only women, so it makes sense that she might develop an attraction to at least one of them.

Of course, random pockets of the internet have been crying out in conservative anger, but that’s pretty small in comparison to the number of people who are simply cool with it.

Luckily, Simone has been teaching them a valuable lesson about the dangers of trying to “well actually” an actual expert.

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