Netflix Thinks Walter White Made the Zombies on 'Walking Dead'


The worlds of Walter White and Rick Grimes may seem entirely separate at first glance, but there’s compelling evidence that these worlds aren’t just related — Breaking Bad may actually be the prequel to The Walking Dead.

It sounds far-fetched at best, but this fan theory, explained in detail by Netflix, makes some profound connections between the two shows, starting with Walter White’s signature blue meth, which first appeared in Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Then there’s the Dodge Challenger that Walt buys Junior in Breaking Bad. Before blowing up the Challenger he purchased, he spoke with a car lot manager named Glenn about returning the car. In The Walking Dead, Glenn steals a very similar Challenger, right down to the color and racing stripes.

The theory also posits that he could be the drug dealer Daryl refers to when he describes him as a “janky little white guy” who says, “I’m gonna kill you, bitch.” Yep, that sounds like Pinkman alright.


Finally, the theory claims that Walts blue meth could’ve been the agent of the zombie outbreak as it became increasingly unstable. Remember the moment where Gus Fring walks out of Salamanca’s room with half of his face blown off? Perhaps he sampled some of the product and encountered some … side effects. Could Fring be the first walker?

Unstable blue meth might seem implausible where zombification is concerned, but it’s worth noting that some of iZombie’s undead came about as a result of tainted Utopium, a popular and extremely potent drug.

Though we don’t know how the epidemic started and some of these links seem tenuous, there are certainly connections to be found between Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, provided one knows where to look.

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