Weird Al Spoofs Clinton and Trump in "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women"

The comedic genius is back at it again. 


There’s no doubt that the 2016 election has been a total hot mess. But thankfully, Weird Al Yankovic and the Gregory Brothers are helping voters make it through this national shit show with a zany parody of the latest presidential debate: “Bad Hombres, Nasty Women.”

On Wednesday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton duked it out in the final presidential debate. Everything started out pretty tame until Trump eventually lost his cool. He made several memorable remarks while at the podium, including coming after “bad hombres” and calling Clinton a “nasty woman.” The internet broke out in the expected memes and now redirects to Clinton’s website. But creative genius Weird Al has also capitalized on the madness.

Here’s the premise: The clash of the candidates opens up a wormhole to another universe. Weird Al also get sucked in and replaces Chris Wallace as the moderator. All of his questions are answered by Clinton and Trump — in the key of B flat minor. Suddenly, it’s much easier to listen to Trump’s bullshit in this wacky parody.

All things considered, it’s vital to think about what’s at stake in this election. But poking fun at the race to the White House is a much-needed break from all the stressful events that have lead up to today. Now that the last debate is done and over, there’s little that both candidates can do to truly sway the vote. So people might as well have a little bit of fun watching Weird Al doing what he does best.

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