5 Best Mobile Games for Flirting or Hitting on Someone

Let's play this game together on my phone so I can touch your hand and smell your hair!

Netflix, Inverse

If you want to flirt with a stranger, you can use any number of apps to get their attention: Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Her, Hinge, Down, and OKCupid are all popular. However, if you find yourself sitting with a real, live human and you still feel dependent on mobile apps, you have quite a few options. After all, there’s more to seduction than sending emojis. Or, at least, we hope there is.

Flirting often means making that first bit of physical contact, and there are several mobile games to help you cross that boundary playfully. Most mobile apps conducive to flirting are also, luckily, competition-based, because jovial competition breeds teasing, which encourages intimacy, and so on. Stop cupcaking and pay attention to the people actually in the bar with you. Let’s get into your smartphone and get you laid!


Bounden, developed by Game Oven with help from the Dutch National Ballet, requires two users to dance together while both holding onto the same phone. It’s that extra push you might need to get you and a shy date to work together physically. The best part is that you look pretty artsy bringing it up. “Hey, did you know this ballet company developed a multiplayer app? Do you wanna, uh, try it?”

Give it a few minutes and you’ll both be spinning happily with your arms around each other. Call your mom, man, you found the one.


Spaceteam, by Sleeping Beast Games, incorporates a cute amount of role-playing into mobile gaming. Though both players use their own phones, they have to constantly communicate in order to tell each other what to do on each screen. You get a command to pull a lever, and you tell your date to do it while she gives you a different instruction. This means you and the person you’re crushing on get to bark orders at each other and pretend to be frustrated when something goes wrong. Everyone likes fake fighting, right?

King of Opera

Okay, so King of Opera doesn’t have the sexiest interface, but it’s the high tech equivalent of making someone play a thumb war with you. You’re both giggling and struggling against each other, and then before you know it, you’re holding hands. The game essentially involves multiple players sliding their fingers around on one phone screen, hoping to push the other players’ opera singer out of the spotlight. Play your cards right, and you might transition playing this on the subway with somebody into a karaoke date.


Even the designers at Noodlecake Games couldn’t make a trailer without their actors saying “hey!” jovially, and laughing together as they fought for screen-time. Bloop is yet another multiplayer mobile game that involves a lot of frantic touching and scrambling on one surface, but hey, if the concept works, why change it?

69 Places

You’ve leveled up! Let’s say you and your date are both DTF immediately, and you want to shake things up and avoid going back to either of your places. 69 Places suggests a whole bunch of spots in your area that other users have identified as do-able for rendezvous. Keep in mind, this app is crowd-sourced, so at least one other couple has probably tried out your sex spot previously. If you and your date find yourselves walking around a mall, and you wonder which store’s dressing room is optimum for a quickie, though, this app is a good thing to have.

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