It's Science: Funny Dudes Got Game

The more a woman laughs at your jokes, the more likely she's into you.


Peeling away the mystery of seduction with hot, sexy research studies, a University of Kansas professor has confirmed what you’ve long suspected: If she’s laughing at your jokes — like, a lot — you’ve got a shot.

In his article published this month in Evolutionary Psychology, KU Associate Professor Jeffrey Hall details how he performed three studies relating to humor and attraction, both in social media and real world courtship. Hall found that unlike women, men used humor as a “conscious strategy” to gauge a woman’s interest — flirting, in layman’s terms.

An interesting twist was that while men could reliably assume women were more interested in them if they were laughing a lot, men didn’t rate funny women any more attractive than they would their serious counterparts. So…dudes are shallow.

This all might explain why a dude can say stuff like this and still get laid:

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