These Auto-Shading Sunglasses Look Straight Out of 'Deus Ex'

If Transitions lenses aren’t futuristic enough for you, one video game-inspired maker has come up with the solution. On Wednesday, Phoenix-based security professional and hobby designer Yousif Ashoor put his amazing 3D-printed prototype of auto shading sunglasses online and the internet’s jaw dropped.

The glasses use UV light sensors to know when to close and open, are the perfect solution to having to constantly adjust your shades or pesky Transition lenses that go dark inside. While the prototype, printed on a Zortrax M200 3D printer, is still primitive, Ashoor saw a number of suggestions for how could make the glasses even more futuristic from the the 3D community on Reddit.

“Earlier this year I worked on a ‘Google Glass’-like HUD project and it would totally fit on [Ashoor’s] glasses (and could probably run off the same controller),” wrote one.

Other suggestions including adding an LED light strip and making the design more metallic.

Here are the glasses in action:

The glasses are inspired by those worn by Adam Jensen in Deus Ex. The video game series has become a fan-favorite for the numerous military-grade cybernetic augmentations the hero sports. In the game, Adam’s lenses are directly fused to his temples but, hey, Ashoor’s version is still close enough to make cosplayers happy.

Nicholas Bashore/Inverse

While most real-life buyers won’t have to worry about desert conditions or comet debris, the sturdy goggles could come in handy in situations like outdoor construction or being incorporated into a helmet for a self-balancing bike. Given Google Glass’s own retreat into enterprise business, perhaps adapting Ashoor’s design is just what the company needs to get geeks interested in the product again.

Inverse reached out to Ashoor to see about any sales plans for his incredible shades, and we’ll update our story when we hear back.

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