The 6 Best Augmentations in ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’

How to become a cyborg badass (with a heart of gold). 

Nicholas Bashore

During your time with Mankind Divided, you’ll be playing as one of the most mechanically augmented badasses there is. Adam Jensen has access to dozens of experimental and military grade augmentations – which makes picking the best all the more important.

These mechanical augmentations are a step up from the basic prosthetics technology we have today, using cybernetics in order to improve and replace certain human body parts with better functioning technological counterparts. Unlike prosthetics, augmentations interface directly with the central nervous system in order to provide a direct link between organic issue and mechanical interface for some really impressive results.

Here’s a few of our favorites that proved most effective in-game:


Nicholas Bashore

It’s entirely possible you may already be familiar with the Nanoblade from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a weapon attached to Adam’s arm that allowed him to execute enemies in melee combat. This blade is concealed within his cybernetic arm and forms when used in combat, but thanks to a few changes in Mankind Divided it can now be used as a ranged weapon.

The new augmentations available to Jensen allow him shoot these blades from his arm, instantly killing enemies and pinning them directly to anything behind them provided enough force is applied. Once launched, the attached molecular assembler instantly builds a replacement blade which can then be used in melee or ranged combat again. These projectiles can also be upgraded with a small amount of liquid explosive that shatters the blade into fragments which can wound multiple targets in a way similar to a grenade.

Icarus Landing System

Nicholas Bashore

A classic from Human Revolution, the Icarus Landing System is an automatically triggered safety device that allows Jensen to drop from extreme heights without incurring physical damage. The Icarus Landing System has an accelerative descent sensor built in which automatically generates an electromagnetic field that produces an effect opposite gravity, pushing the user upwards during free fall and preventing them from suffering any damage.

You can also use the electromagnetic field offensively too, channeling a portion of the energy it produces into a localized shock-wave that renders nearby enemies unconscious. While this does produce a loud noise as a result, it’s a perfect way for you to enter the battlefield safely with a Deadpool-approved superhero landing.


Nicholas Bashore

The TITAN skin augmentation is a new addition brought in with Mankind Divided, used as a personal shield for a short period of time. This shield is a neodymium underlay matrix built of nano-meshed rare earth magnets powered with hook-ins to the biocell electrical system within Jensen. The underlay is installed over the users body with a few thousand glass capsules containing dimorphic magnetorheological fluid.

When TITAN is activated, this fluid is ejected from tiny nozzles installed throughout the skin while the underlay electrifies, causing the fluid to solidify and seal the user inside a protective shell. This shell then protects the user for a limited amount of time until the system runs out of power. What’s great about the TITAN augmentation is that it will protect you from nearly everything Mankind Divided throws at you if you keep it powered, including giant robots, explosives and hails of gunfire.

Typhoon Explosive System

Nicholas Bashore

The Typhoon Explosive System is another classic from Human Revolution, favored by players for its ability to eliminate large crowds of enemies within a few split seconds of slow motion camera time. This system is a series of interlinked electromagnetic launchers which are installed throughout the body and connected to the base of a user’s spine.

When the system is activated, the launchers all eject a volley of projectiles in a 360-degree arc that can be configured as lethal explosives or non-lethal concussive blasts. This augmentation remains one of the best counters to large crowds of enemies throughout Mankind Divided — making it something players should value regardless of their playstyle.

Remote Hacking

Nicholas Bashore

The Remote Hacking augmentation is the best thing since portable WiFi, allowing you to hack through firewalls from a hefty distance. This augmentation connects directly to your basic hacking augmentation, the MHD-995, and your InfoLink Communications augmentation, in order to ping nearby connections that you can crack into.

If upgraded, this augmentation also allows you to wirelessly access robots, security cameras and gun turrets from a distance without having to find the terminal — a skill invaluable for players who prefer a stealthy approach to the game.

Targeted Electrical Discharge System (TESLA)

Nicholas Bashore

Introduced in Mankind Divided, the TESLA is easily one of the best non-lethal augmentations available. This system is capable of firing a 200-milliamp arc of electricity that causes muscular contractions strong enough to clamp down on the heart and prevent a full cardiac arrest.

These shocks will almost immediately render a target unconscious (both human and robotic). The TESLA augmentation can also be upgraded to take down up to four targets at once, provided you are in close enough proximity, allowing players to control entire crowds of enemies without having to kill them outright.

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