Samsung Is Sending Fire-Proof Boxes for Phone Returns


Samsung is asking its customers to use a fire-proof box it’s sending out when customers return the Galaxy Note 7, which explodes for an unknown reason and was pulled from shelves on Monday, so people aren’t put at risk during the recall.

This box is thermal-insulated, comes with a pair of thick gloves, and has instructions telling people exactly what they should do to return their device. That’s more cautious than Samsung was before — it didn’t even alert the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission when it announced a voluntary recall of the device in early September.

In addition to the secure box, Samsung is also telling its customers to immediately power down their Galaxy Note 7 and figure out how to return the device. It’s now offering a full refund on the cost of the phone, and is also working with other companies to give affected customers a $25 gift card or credit from the retailer or wireless carrier that sold them the device.

A video published on Tuesday shows a woman carrying a smoking Galaxy Note 7 around her home in Honolulu. (The woman, fittingly enough, said she was looking at Samsung’s website when the phone ignited.) The thermal-insulated box is supposed to ensure that, if something similar happens while the phone is in transit, a larger fire won’t start. Here’s the full video captured from the woman’s home:

Return your Galaxy Note 7, folks. Samsung’s finally taking this problem seriously; it’s time for anyone who bought this device to do the same.

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