Watch 'Luke Cage' Recut as a 'Family Matters' Episode


Marvel’s Luke Cage has officially been made cheery, which is just about the polar opposite of the Netflix series’s actual tone.

YouTuber Zach Ace — the same person who did that cut of The Avengers as an episode of Full House a while back — put the characters of Luke Cage in the Family Matters opening title. It will undoubtedly make you smile… until you realize most of the characters in it don’t live happily ever after.

It’s cute and sweet to watch all of our new favorite characters from Luke Cage smiling and laughing. But the image of Pop “smiling” at Chico is actually him berating the kid for getting involved with Cottonmouth’s dealings after Pop has worked so hard at keeping kids off the streets. And then there’s Cottonmouth himself, laughing maniacally. And Mabel getting ready to enact some vengeance.

Basically, the problem with trying to cut a show like Luke Cage to the tune of Jesse Frederick’s “As Days Go By” is that Luke Cage is dark AF and not really suited for a happy soundtrack.

The creator of Luke Cage, Cheo Hodari Coker, weighed in on the video after a fan account asked him if he’d consider using the montage as next season’s opening credtis. The creator’s response was “Uh….no. (Smile).” We’re not sure whether that was a refusal to comment on it or just him being nice and saying that he’s not really feelin’ it.

But it’s still nice to watch some of these characters be happy and have a pleasant moment. They’re so rare on the show, and can’t we all agree that sometimes we just want tragic characters to live inside a happy ‘90s sitcom?

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