'3%' Imagines a Future Where Only the Worthy Survive


In the dystopian future as 3% sees it, every person has to prove their worth at 20 years old. They’re only given one chance to demonstrate their merit and strengths, and only three percent of them succeed in doing so.

The rest? Well, let’s just say it’s not looking great.

Another Netflix Original Series is landing on the streaming service on November 25, according to today’s date announcement trailer. This will be Netflix’s first Brazilian production.

The show is based on Pedro Aguilera’s web series of the same name. Netflix brought Aguilera on to work on the full show, so it will probably keep in the same spirit of the original source. How 3% will look in its Netflix form is still largely a mystery, save for the premise being the same, but we can glean some information from the original web series, which is split into three 8- to 9-minute episodes and is still available on YouTube.

In the web series pilot, our main character gives us a rundown of the situation: The world of the future is divided into the Good Side and the Bad Side.

The only way to get from the Bad Side to the Good Side is the “selective process,” where you prove that you belong there and that youre valuable. Only 3% make the cut. The rest go back to the resource-strapped and opportunity deprived Bad Side. Oh, and you only get one chance, so you better make it count.

From the very brief glimpse we get from Netflix’s date announcement trailer, the world of 3% looks like it might get bigger and darker with Netflix’s involvement, but who we’re following and what the selective process looks in this new iteration remains to be seen. One thing’s pretty certain though: the future as 3% imagines it is pretty bleak.

Netflix’s 3% arrives on November 25.

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