Amazon Is Turning Amazing Horror Podcast 'Lore' Into a TV Show

The popular anthology podcast retells scary stories from history.


It’s Halloween season, which means it’s a perfect time for a spooky announcement: Amazon has picked up the popular horror anthology podcast Lore and is turning it into a streaming TV series.

The podcast, which released its first episode in March of last year, examines the real stories from history that have gone on to inspire some of the most scary and iconic myths out there. Past episodes have retold the stories of the first serial killer in America, Jersey Devil, and supernatural cannibalism.

Lore was named one of the best podcasts of 2015 by iTunes, and it garners more than 3 million listens a month. It’s equal parts creepy and educational.

In April, news broke that Gale Anne Hurd, the executive producer of the smash horror hit The Walking Dead, along with Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens’s production company, Propagate Content, were going to adapt Lore. At the time, no network was attached to the project, but now we know that Amazon — which also broadcasts hits like Transparent and The Man in the High Castle — will air the show.

'The Walking Dead' producers are attached to the 'Lore' adaptation. 


“Lore has inspired nightmares for millions of fans while capturing our own imaginations, and we couldn’t be more excited to materialize these real-life horror stories in a way never seen before,” Propagate Content said in an Amazon press release.

The Amazon show, which will be available to stream for Prime members, is described as an “unscripted anthology series.” That’s a somewhat vague description, as “unscripted” could mean a lot of things, but it looks like we won’t be getting eerie dramatic, plotted-out recreations with characters and narratives. Instead, it’ll likely be more akin to a documentary, or maybe a ghost hunters show except actually good.

Lore’s creator, Aaron Mahnke, revealed in April that he’d been approached by more than a dozen production companies and signed on last September with what we now know to be Propagate Content.

'Lore's' creator, Aaron Mahnke

“Trust me, I’m eager to introduce all of you to the next evolution of Lore, and you’re going to love what we’re making,” Mahnke said in a post at the time on his website. “A visual storytelling experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, but as familiar to you as your favorite podcast.

Mahnke says the podcast will continue, though he’ll be busy with the show.

The popular horror podcast is coming to Amazon Prime.


Lore’s 10-episode season will premiere in 2017. If you were wondering which of the more than 40 episodes of Lore to listen to first, the good people at The Bloodlust have put together a sort of Top 10 list. Given that Walking Dead producer Hurd is working on the TV version of the podcast, you might want listen to Episode 26, “Brought Back” first.

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