Callum Is a Wealthy and Evil Demon Boss on 'Crazyhead'


The world is full of demons and they usually have a lot of money. But on the forthcoming show Crazyhead the big bad demon villain is going to be possessing your soul with slick and affluent style.

In an interview with Channel 4, Crazyhead creator Howard Overman Misfits talked about the ultimate demon villain for the upcoming series: Callum. A man — and demon — with expensive tastes, Callum is into fancy food, fancy cars, and all things that reek of sophistication (rather than death).

He’s the arch-nemesis of our main characters/demon hunters, Raquel and Amy, and the show’s big bad. Hes hell-bent on setting the world on (hell)fire and watching it burn, but he’s not the kind of demon to usher in chaos haphazardly. Callum’s a planner who takes world destruction seriously, and you can bet that he’s going to bring some slick sophistication to the dastardly and demonic masterplan.

The actor who plays Callum, Tony Curran, told Channel 4, “[T]here’s a certain je ne sais quoi about his approach … but at the same time he loses his shit and becomes very, very frustrated…”

Though we have more information on what Callum is like, we still don’t know much about how to defeat him. Overman mentions that the demons in Crazyhead follow pretty “classic rules” in demon lore, but we’ve also heard about some rather, um, unorthodox ways of sending demons back to hell — it’s Raquel that says that the modus operandi is shoving a pole right up a demon’s ass. Will that be Callum’s fate? Does a demon big bad require a demon-killing weapon with a little more oomph, or just a bigger pole?

Crazyhead premieres this fall in the UK and will be available on Netflix following the UK release.

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