Golly Gee, Superman is Wholesome AF in 'Supergirl' Season 2

The CW

Holy space rockets, Batman Superman! In a new clip depicting Superman’s debut in Supergirl Season 2, Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) talks like his Golden Age persona while on the phone with Daily Planet editor Perry White. Before he flies off to assist his cousin Kara Zor-El, Clark tells White he’ll submit his article “lickety-split,” and is then railed for sounding a little too Leave It to Beaver. Clark tries to fire back by bringing up Perry’s own preferred phrase, “Great Caesar’s Ghost!”, and Perry hangs up on him. Don’t argue with your boss, Clark.

The DC TV universe is, of course, full of comic book characters from Green Arrow to John Constantine, but to actually see DC’s flagship hero Superman become a part of the TV-verse is pretty unreal. For some reason DC isn’t keen on having its heaviest hitters like Batman and Wonder Woman on the small screen, but could including Superman indicate a shift?

Supergirl will assumedly try several ways to separate its television Superman from the DCU Superman, played by Henry Cavill, and it appears that a hokey vernacular is strategy number one. While Cavill’s Man of Steel is perpetually grim (and, you know, dead), Hoechlin’s may very well take after Christopher Reeve’s plane-rescuing, “Golly, Lois!”-ing Boy Scout.

Supergirl premieres October 10 on the CW.

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