Tyler, The Creator Loves Elon Musk

He's been singing the visionary's praises for over a year.

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Tyler, The Creator is one of rap’s most provocative, inflammatory personalities, but he’s got an endearing soft spot for Elon Musk. Since May, 2015, Tyler’s been working to flatter and befriend Musk. He’s tweeted at the PayPal, SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla founder five times in total, and Elon’s responded now twice. On Thursday, Tyler told Musk that he’d bought a Tesla.

Each time Tyler’s tweeted, he’s been exceptionally kind, eager to praise Musk for his contributions to society. But each time, as is his style, he’s tweeted in all caps. This style makes it pretty easy (and entertaining) to imagine Tyler as, essentially, a supplicant, bowing before the throne, praising his deity. Tyler, ever since he and the Odd Future gang emerged, has been hell-bent on disrupting shit. But his love and adoration for Elon is just…pure. Tyler’s like many of us: We all pick idols and before our idols we crumble.

Or something. Regardless of all that speculative contextualization bullshit (to channel Tyler, for a moment), just sit back and enjoy the budding relationship between Tyler, “The Creator,” and Elon Musk, the creator, who, as of last year, had not met in person (though had attempted to meet up at Coachella).

Tyler, upon finding an early video of Musk receiving his one-million-dollar McLaren F1:

Tyler, voicing his undying support of and faith in all Muskian endeavors:

Tyler, putting Musk in camp with Jay-Z, Master P, and Diddy, then talking about him for over two and a half minutes:

Tyler, expressing love post-Tesla Model 3:

Tyler, advising others to follow Musk’s apparent philosophy on life:

Tyler, responding to his first (public) Musk reply:

And then, on Thursday — Musk, thanking Tyler for ordering a Tesla:

It’s an unlikely, albeit heartwarming tale. A tale of two strong personalities linking up over Twitter, and a tale of one ego deeming another praiseworthy. Leave it to Tyler to get us going fast and/or to Mars in the immaterial, mental realm; leave it to Musk to get us going fast and/or to Mars in the material, physical realm.

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