Will Jessica Jones Season 2 Satisfy Fanfic Shippers? "One Never Knows"

Netflix, Marvel Television

One of the best things about Netflix’s Jessica Jones Marvel series was the strong central relationship between superhero Jessica Jones and her adopted sister Patricia “Trish” Walker. Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg knows that this strong relationship is something that needs to return in Jessica Jones Season 2, but Rosenberg also definitely knows about the reams of Jessica-Trish fanfic out there.

“People would love [Jones to be in a relationship with Walker],” Rosenberg explained in an interview with Esquire. “I sometimes think there’s sort of a prurient interest in that, like, can’t women just be friends? I feel like for me that’s what is unique about the relationship, that they are such intimate friends, and I think they don’t have to become lovers — that being said, one never knows.”

Jessica Jones tries to protect Trish Walker

Netflix, Marvel Television

Netflix’s Jessica Jones is part of the same Marvel TV universe as Daredevil and the upcoming Luke Cage, but Jessica Jones feels unique within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While each of the Netflix stories prefer to keep the action local to a specific neighborhood in New York like Harlem or Hell’s Kitchen, Jones story felt even more personal: dealing with internal struggles like trauma and PTSD. While Jones’s struggle with personal demons and her eventual triumph provided the show’s emotional catharsis, Trish Walker’s dedication to helping her friend provides the first season’s most emotional relationship.

It’s not that surprising that fans would see this personal relationship as bordering on romantic, as even Kristen Rytter — who plays Jones in the show — mistook her character’s relationship with Trish before having their shared history revealed to her. And while Rosenberg teases a possible romance between the two, as long they both continue to support each other through the upcoming second season, fans and shippers will continue to support Jessica Jones.