The Teachers on 'Class' Are Packing Some Mysterious Ray Guns


Doctor Who has always had its fair share of weapons, but the new spinoff Class seems to be taking them pretty seriously. The past two promotional images for the series have featured what appears to be the same, mysterious ray gun. This time, it’s a teacher at the school, Miss Quinn, who’s packing heat.

The Doctor, his friends, and his enemies have shot at each other with everything from water guns to sonic weapons. But Class seems to be going a bit darker than we anticipated, and the newly released image of Miss Quinn in all black, gripping a glowing ray gun says “death ray” more than “sound wave.”

The Doctor, canonically, isn’t a big fan of guns. They don’t seem to be a Time Lord’s first weapon of choice, but you can’t really blame the (supposed) humans running around Coal Hill School in Class for finding a way to defend themselves.


With Miss Quinn dressed all in black and with our having little to no knowledge of her role in the series, some might say that she’s destined to be a villain. She could be the weird teacher with a blurry background and way too much knowledge about aliens who turns out to be the bad guy all along. She could be an intergalactic villain in hiding.

After all, guns are most commonly used by bad guys in Doctor Who. The Sontarans have their blasters and military characters on Earth — always a pain in the ass — are usually armed. Daleks have ray guns sticking out of their chests. But Captain Jack Harkness and River Song are also known for being armed, and they’re always on the side of good.


Maybe Miss Quinn is a Time Lord in disguise. After all, the Doctor was once turned human in, well, “Human Nature” when the Chameleon Arch transformed his Time Lord DNA. That might explain how the kids at Coal Hill School manage to deal with the inevitable baddies creeping through the cracks in time created by the Doctor’s doings.

No matter Miss Quinn’s role, she’s sure to be a fascinating character when Class premieres in October.