The 'Doctor Who' Xmas Special is Getting Mysterious AF


Today, we might have cracked the reason why details about this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special are so murky: The episode could secretly feature the titular Time Lord visiting Coal Hill School and teaming-up with the characters on the new spin-off Class.

The team behind Doctor Who has been as stealthy and silent as a Weeping Angel when it comes to news about this year’s much-anticipated Christmas Special, but a new rumor about a crossover with Class is starting to make a lot of sense.

Think about it: the Doctor popping into Coal Hill School to join the teenagers-and-teachers cast of the upcoming spinoff series would make for a heartwarming Christmastime feeling. Plus, there’s a precedent for the Doctor visiting schools and saving the day as recently as the season 8 episode “The Caretaker” or the season 2 David Tennant fan-favorite episode “School Reunion.” Sure, the partiuclars might be a bit tricky since school obviously won’t be in session on Christmas Day, but those kinds of time constraints have never stopped Doctor Who before.


With a year and a half between Series 9 and 10, DW fans are hungry for a Doctor sighting and sit in anticipation of the Christmas special. Obviously.

Meanwhile, Class starts in October. With an opening series of 8 episodes, that will put the finale about two weeks away from Christmas … Could the good Doctor show up once again at Coal Hill School to help the students and teachers take on a Christmasy challenge? After all, it’s the Doctor’s frequent visits to Coal Hill that was the catalyst for Class even being made in the first place; the breakdown of space-time is serious business.


Maybe the Doctor owes them one for causing all this trouble and his Christmas present to Earth is to return and save the day, again.