One Tip to Make Your ‘Nuka-World’ Experience Far Better

Collecting Star Cores doesn’t need to be a complete chore.


So Fallout 4’s last expansion has finally dropped and, all said and done, it’s a pretty solid final outing for the game’s uneven list of DLC. If there’s one major sticking point in the amusement park, though, its the quest to take back Nuka-World’s sci-fi themed Galactic Zone. If you go in blind, it can be the very definition of a grind.

However, one simple trick can help you turn this inch-by-inch slog into something a little more manageable.

Its All About the Star Cores

When you finally get to the Galactic Zone after running the Gauntlet and displacing the previous Overboss, you’ll discover that the theme park is overrun with malfunctioning robots dead set on murdering your face off. In order to get these cantankerous buttholes to calm down, you’re going to need to hunt up and install 20 Star Cores.


Technically, the park is home to 35 Star Cores — also known as “the number you need to find to lay your hands on that shiny, blue power armor” — but getting that many would simply require walking over the entire park (not just the Galactic Zone) with a fine-tooth comb and praying you spot the shiny, orange lights of a Star Core.

We’re just going to focus on getting the park functional and the robots docile once more.

Your Secret Weapon

In theory, if you don’t have a high-ranking Lockpick ability, you’re supposed to scramble around the Galactic Zone finding a series of keys scattered throughout each building and matching them to their appropriate door. Its a maddening back and forth process in which you do not need to indulge.

All you need to do is make sure you can pick Expert or Master locks. If you haven’t focused on your Lockpicking Skill because you just had to upgrade Bloody Mess, you’re not alone. Fortunately, at this point in the game’s cycle, there’s any number of options you could choose.

Because it's objectively cooler than picking a stupid lock.


First, you could cheat, obviously. Just download the Cheat Terminal mod and give yourself the levels and perks you’ll need to pick any kind of lock.

If you like achievements, however, then mods aren’t an option. If you’ve downloaded and played a previous DLC, Automatron, then you can put a Lockpicking module on a robot and take them along. You won’t get many Master locks, but you should be covered on Expert locks. This is the route I took, asking my trusty robot, Shit Bird, to tag along and do my heavy lifting for me. It worked like a charm.

If you don’t want to cheat and you don’t have a robot, there’s still another way to get through the Galactic Zone. Just spring Cait from the Combat Zone downtown. Not only can she pick most locks, but the sassy junkie’s Irish lilt is one of the game’s better background noises.

Move Slow, Check Locked Doors

Once you’re equipped to pick locks at a high level, you just need to move from building to building and treat each one as a basic dungeon crawl. Make sure to move slowly through each of the four main buildings and check the dark corners for doors with Expert locks. These typically contain computer panels with one to three Star Cores each.

Be sure you’re checking each computer panel thoroughly, because the number of Star Cores they have on them will vary from room to room.

As you walk from building to building, you should also keep an eye out for the control panels that power the section’s various rides. They’ll often have a Star Core you can use to pad your numbers.

It’ll seem like a daunting task when you get it, but if you head in ready to pick locks and you keep your movement deliberate, it should just be a simple matter of moving forward and racking up the Star Cores until you’re ready to re-take the Galactic Zone.

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