How to Prepare for the Final 'Fallout 4' DLC 'Nuka-World’

Get ready to run the Gauntlet.


This is it, folks. The last Fallout 4 DLC, Nuka-World. And it is a doozy. Bethesda’s pulled no punches in it’s Raider-filled, run-down amusement park. To survive, you’ll need to be at the top of your game. You’ll also need to be prepared.

(spoilers ahead)

How to Get to Nuka-World

Once you’ve hit level 30 in Fallout 4, you’ll get a prompt from the Nuka-Cola Family Radio to head east and check out the Nuka-World monorail. If you’re far enough along in the plot, it should be a short trek towards the radio signal. Once you’re there, you’ll have to dispatch some essentially anonymous Gunners before you chat with an “injured” man waiting beside the monorail.

A speech check will reveal that the guy is an unwilling participant in a sadistic game being run by the Raiders at the other end of the monorail. As it turns out, if you want to get to Nuka-World proper, you’re going to have to run the Gauntlet.

It’s like The Running Man, but shorter and meaner.

Here are five simple tips (that don’t ruin the story) to get you through it in one piece.

1. Armor Up

Yeah, yeah, you’re big and you’re tough and you eat Deathclaws for breakfast. Well, guess what? You haven’t seen shit until you’ve seen Nuka-World. The Gauntlet may not last terribly long, but it’s brutal on a level rarely seen in Fallout 4, and it’s only a taste of the difficulty that lies in wait for you.


For longtime series fans, if you played Dead Money, imagine that, but with plenty of supplies. So, it’s difficult without being throw-your-controller-into-a-wall rage inducing.

2. StimPaks and RadAway

I ran through 30 StimPaks on my first run of the Gauntlet, because random crap keeps popping up around every corner (and behind your back). Not only that, I ran through nearly half the RadAway I’d gathered since the beginning of the game thanks to one obnoxious non-puzzle (more on that later).

So, bring a boatload of StimPaks with you, and if you have access to Mysterious Serum, or you don’t mind rocking Power Armor, take them with you.

3. There Are Turrets Everywhere


The sadist who designed the Gauntlet thought it would be hilarious to put compact little turrets in random corners you’ll only see once you’ve already walked past. So, if you see a turret in the distance, eliminate it with extreme prejudice and always assume that youve missed one.


4. Radiation Room

The Radiation Room is exactly that — a room filled with radiation-emitting barrels. If you can’t pick an Expert lock, it’ll be a mad scramble to find a key while you’re getting hit with 30-plus rads per second.

Anyway, the key is in the nook opposite the exit door. It’s on a table under a light. That should get you out before you have to listen to RedEye mock you for too long.

5. Bring a Very Large Gun

At the tail end of the Gauntlet, Nuka-World tosses you into a rare boss fight against an asshole in electrified Power Armor. You’ll get something you can use to take him down, but his window of vulnerability is small, so while he’s incapacitated, you’ll want to make sure you’re inflicting as much damage in as short a time as possible.

Might be time to dust off the Fat Man …

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