The Nuka-World Theme Song Is Equal Parts Creepy, Cute

Bless 'Fallout 4' for its otherworldly nostalgia.


Meet Cappy and Bottle, the mascots for a long-deceased amusement park called Nuka-World. They’re just here to show you how to stay safe at one of the friendliest places on God’s green earth. Of course, they’re also here to give you a taste of more Fallout 4, which is mostly not that green.

One of the most endearing parts of any Bethesda game is the studio’s penchant for blending cartoonish humor with the macabre. With just a few short days to go until the folks at Bethesda cap off their DLC run on Fallout 4 with Nuka-World, the developer has released a commercial that captures the bizarre juxtaposition of optimism and oppression that fans have come to expect.

Fallout 4’s final expansion, titled Nuka-World, will be sent into the scarred remains of a soda-themed amusement park. Each of the park’s six distinct zones has been overrun by Raiders, and it’s up to you to help set things right.

Judging by the general tone conveyed in this trailer, it seems like Nuka-World is going to tap into the same warped nostalgia featured in incredibly popular expansions like Old World Blues, which turned low budget drive-in sci-fi movies on their ear. The screenshots we’ve seen of Nuka-World’s odd weaponry (like an electrified ping pong paddle), eclectic settings, and it’s prevalence of happy-go-lucky slaughter might just mean something special is on the horizon.

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