Leia Will Confront Kylo in Episode VIII — How Could She Not?

A new "plot leak" points towards a foregone 'Star Wars' conclusion. 


Only children get away with a lot, but even in Star Wars, killing your father is not going to go over well with mom.

Possible spoilers ahead: a contentiously debated Star Wars: Episode VIII “plot leak” claims to reveal a scene in which Kylo Ren and General Leia Organa have it out about Han Solo. According to Reddit user “SpaceBearLeak” the next chapter in the new Star Wars trilogy will find Leia captured by her son’s evil First Order and the two will debate a or not Han was a good husband and father.

While the specifics contained in the “leak” sound a little far-fetched and the source is unconfirmed, the likelihood of Leia bitching out her son for murdering Han seems pretty high. The death of Han Solo at the hands of Kylo Ren (formerly Ben Solo) was the emotional apotheosis of The Force Awakens, meaning some kind anger from the other surviving parent would be 100% expected even if this new rumor didn’t exist. Creepily or not, patricide and arguably, oedipal themes, have a long-standing tradition in the narrative of the existing Star Wars films. Having a mother-and-son-reunion in the next installment of this story was never going to play out like a Paul Simon song.


Adam Driver’s portrayal of Kylo Ren/Ben Solo was arguably the most daring aspect of The Force Awakens. Back in December 2015 J.J. Abrams said that the new trilogy of Star Wars movies “ … would become the evolution of not just a hero, but a villain,” indicating that at this point, we’ve only seen the beginning of where Kylo Ren’s dark psyche is headed. Now, this new rumor suggests that Leia was abandoned by Han Solo at some point in the past during a “dark time.” Whether this turns out to be specifically true or not, psychological family scars will undoubtedly play a huge role in both Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017 and Star Wars: Episode IX in 2019.

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