Watch the First 11 Minutes of 'Narcos' Season 2 Right Here

Netflix debuted the opening moments of the newest season of their Pablo Escobar drama on Facebook Live.


Earlier this month, Netflix touted the upcoming second season of its celebrated drug drama Narcos by dropping a killer new trailer; and now, we’ve got a look at the first 11 minutes of the new season. Pablo has a head start on the DEA crew, but they’re determined to bring him down.

The solid introductory clip went live on the Narcos official Facebook page with a description that reads “Stealing from Pablo is a bad idea. Better watch before he finds out.” It’s similar to the way Netflix uploaded the first few minutes of Stranger Things before the premiere in July, but with a clever little twist. The snippet shows Boyd Holbrook as agent Steve Murphy and Pedro Pascal as agent Javier Peña “discovering” a camera during a drug raid that features footage of the first eleven minutes of the season.

After some faulty VHS tracking, the video launches into Holbrook’s voiceover introducing the ridiculously expansive post-Season 1 DEA mission focused on taking down Escobar. “There was no way he was getting out of this one,” Holbrook’s character says. Despite a heavy military presence, Escobar shows up early on and shows them why he’s Pablo Escobar. Then, before you know it, the video feed is interrupted by Escobar himself who gives the viewer a foul-mouthed send-off befitting a notorious drug lord.

The advertising for the show going into the second season has heavily hinted that the cartel kingpin character would meet his demise this time around, so maybe Holbrook’s character might be right.

Check out the first look at Season 2 below:

Narcos Season 2 debuts on Netflix September 2.

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