Bryan Singer Says 'Legion' Will Tie into an 'X-Men' Universe


FX is building a mutant network of shows that tie into the wider X-Men universe.

Bryan Singer has confirmed that FX’s upcoming mutant-drama Legion, though it’s a standalone series, will eventually connect to another planned mutant TV series. Both shows will also influence future X-Men movies*, Singer says.

It appears Fox and Marvel are not only continuing their multimedia team-up in opposition to Disney’s Marvel movies, but that they’re doubling-down on creating a cohesive universe. We’re not sure what to call it yet — the XMU, for X-Men Universe? The FCU for Fox Cinematic Universe? Either way, we’re on board.

Marvel Comics has been downplaying the X-Men brand as best it can in recent years, responding Fox’s, and not Disney’s, ownership of the cinematic rights to Wolverine and the mutants.

Legion, to its credit, has appeared to be a fantastic project since the planning stages, and the trailer, which premiered at San Diego Comic Con, only supports that theory. If Singer plans on making Legion match future X-Men films, either in conceit or aesthetic, we’re in for a wild ride.

And FX has plenty of precedent for cutting-edge prestige shows, so maybe Legion will be the FCU’s answer to Netflix’s gritty lineup of Marvel shows – even if the latter doesn’t fully fit into the MCU.

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