Maisie Williams Says "Shit Gets Real" in GoT Season 7

According to the woman behind Arya Stark, "shit gets REAL."


Maisie Williams has a message for Game of Thrones fans: “Start preparing yourself now.” It’s going to be a long, long road to Season 7, particularly since it debuts next summer, a few months beyond a typical spring premiere. But the wait is about to start feeling even longer – now that Maisie Williams has started in early on the Season 7 hype, saying that in Season 7, “shit gets real.”

In true Game of Thrones fashion, there are plenty of big, looming, unanswered questions next season will probably tackle, but according to Williams, no amount of question-asking, theorizing, or careful dissection can prepare fans for what will happen next season. Williams modifies her advice to prepare, saying “scratch that, nothing will prepare you for this.” Williams just finished her first read-through of the script for Season 7, and immediately broadcasted her first reactions all over Twitter.

This isn’t the first time that Williams has had a little fun teasing fans, though. Doctor Who fans are pretty familiar with her hyping skills, having seen her tease her role as Ashildr and then kinda sorta offering herself up for the role of the show’s first female doctor, should Idris Elba pass on the opportunity to follow in Peter Capaldi’s footsteps. All’s fair in fandom and hype, right?

As GoT’s Season 7 draws nearer (albeit very slowly), there are plenty of theories floating around despite Williams’s assertion that preparing ourselves is all for naught. Will Arya reunite with the Hound? Are we going to see more Direwolves? Is Deanerys going to meet Jon Snow?

No matter what comes next on Game of Thrones, Williams seems confident that it will have us all joining in a resounding chorus of, “holy BALLS.”

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