Game of Thrones Season 7: What's Next

After that firey Season 6 finale, what questions must the next season now answer? 

Now that the dust has settled on Game of Thrones Season 6 — dust and ashes, in the case of King’s Landing — the show’s chessboard of power players has been thoroughly shaken. The events of “The Winds of Winter” marked the end of House Tyrell (mostly), Frey, and Baratheon (unless Gendry finally shows up) and the beginning of new eras for Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. It was the strongest episode of Season 6, but going into Season 7, it leaves us with no shortage of questions. Here are the most burning.

Is Arya still an assassin?

Arya is back in Westeros, and she brings the ability to change faces and the heretofore unknown ability to bake human meat pies (maybe she stopped by to visit her old friend Hot Pie for baking tips on her way?). But she’s not technically a Faceless Man, since she’s owning her identity as Arya Stark. So now that she’s gotten revenge for The Red Wedding, what now? Will she retire as an assassin and try to have as normal a life as she can with Sansa and Jon? Or is she forever scarred and bloodthirsty, unable to relinquish a life of roaming the countryside killing?


What’s up with Benjen Stark?

Benjen Stark had been missing for five seasons before his dramatic re-introduction as Mostly Dead Benjen. Now he’s suddenly gone again? What was the point of bringing him back for just two short scenes? Either it was pure fan service for book fans who wanted to see Coldhands or he will have a role to play in the war to come with the army of the dead.

What role do Sandor Clegane and the Brotherhood Without Banners play in the wars to come?

Now that Sandor Clegane is back and allied with the Brotherhood Without Banners, lead by the mysterious Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion, what is his role to play in the wars to come? Perhaps Melisandre will meet up with them, now that she’s been fired from her job with no severance pay. Bringing someone back from assumed death is no trivial plot point — perhaps Cleganebowl truthers can still hold out hope.

How will Tyrion react to Cersei as Queen?

Cersei burning the city was something we all expected, but nobody could have predicted that she’d end up on the Throne itself. Tyrion will be just as shocked as the audience, and his shock will be mixed with horror, as he knows exactly what she’s capable of and how ruthless she can be. His reaction to this development will be one of the most intriguing points to keep an eye on come Season 7.

What has become of Ser Pounce?

Now that his owners are gone (RIP Tommen and Margaery), who will feed Tommen’s cat Ser Pounce? Will he go rogue and prowl what’s left of King’s Landing, hissing at Qyburn’s creepy child assassins? Will he hit the road and meet up with Arya’s Direwolf Nymeria? Will Daenerys adopt him when she inevitably takes the throne? These are burning questions we need answers to.

What will Sam learn at the Citadel?

Sam going to a library is not an inherently tension-filled or exciting plotline. The very fact that it’s in the finale, then, means there’s more to it than meets the eye. The Citadel holds much of the world’s knowledge (though it’s apparently behind in some places, like not getting the notification of Jon’s rise as Lord Commander or his murder or his return). We can therefore expect Sam to learn important and plot-relevant information. Most notably, if Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen got married before they had Jon, he’s legitimate, which matters in his claim to the throne. Where might wedding records be? A library is a good place to start.

Who will Daenerys need to marry?

Daenerys and Tyrion discussed her potential marital alliances at length, and the show lingered on her parting from Daario. There would be no need to address this plot point if it won’t become relevant. Will Gendry return from his four season-long boat trip as the last remaining beacon of House Baratheon to marry Dany? Or will she go for Jon to forge an alliance with the North? If Rhaegar Targaryen is his father, he’s technically her nephew — but the show has never had a problem with incest in the past.

What will happen when dragon fire meets wildfire?

The most burning question, quite literally, is what will happen when fire meets fire. King’s Landing is currently ruled by queen whose weapon of choice is wildfire; it’s about to be invaded by another queen whose weapon of choice is dragon fire. Which one will prove stronger?

As an added complication, Daenerys hasn’t considered that the citizens of Westeros likely won’t react well to trading one fire-loving queen for another. Her arrival to King’s Landing was never going to be smooth, but right now neither the citizens nor the current leadership will welcome her with open arms.

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