The 7 Most Embarrassing Ways to Die in 'No Man's Sky'

There are worse ways to go, but none as shameful.

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There’s no denying that many aspects of No Man’s Sky are exceedingly dangerous. For a game ostensibly all about chilling and exploration, there are a number of ways to die. In fact, there are probably too many ways to die in the game. Which is why we’ve collected together a series of embarrassing hypotheticals that are all too real.

That isn’t to say say all of these have or will happen. But they could! Maybe. Dying in No Man’s Sky is relatively common. But it is perhaps living that is truly the struggle. It really makes you think. Anyway, off we go.

What you don't see is the hole behind you.

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7. Falling

You’ve landed on a planet populated with the goofiest-looking critter you’ve ever seen. Like, it’s got a watermelon for a head, tiny wings, and scurries about faster than its size would imply. You chuckle to yourself about the dumb little creature as you catalog it. Then you step into a giant hole. Just before the moment of impact, you remember you have a jetpack.

6. Getting Lost

A preliminary scan indicates a massive cave formation beneath the surface of your landing spot after the first jaunt to another planet. Immediately upon entering, it becomes clear that you’ll never find your way out again. Using your ship’s beacon as a sort of true north, you somehow manage to become more lost. Time slowly turns meaningless, and the life support alerts get more frequent. Maybe it’d be nice to just have a sit for a spell. Your partner never learns what happened to you.

It helps to bring a gun to a gunfight.

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5. Sentinels

You come across a locked door. Rather than move on, you make the call to go ahead and blast through the portal in order to access all the goodies inside. The Sentinels take umbrage and make quick work of you after it becomes clear you’d scrapped your boltcaster for better mineral collection on the last planet.

4. Space Pirates

You save your units for what feels like forever to buy that massive trader that you’ve seen around the space station. The Gek seller gargles something at you, which you would have understood to be about space pirates if you’d taken the time to learn the language. They attack in force as soon as you leave the dock, and your fancy ship does little to shield you from their wrath. Your partner never learns what happened to you.

Sometimes just leaving things be is the best course of action.

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3. Drowning

What looks like a hefty deposit of emeril sits at the bottom of a lake. Your suit isn’t equipped to handled prolonged underwater exploration, but you decide to chance it anyway. You drown.

2. Being Stranded

You land on a barren planet where you discover a whole mess of valuable trinkets. You dump all your isotopes in order to carry everything before finding out your launch thrusters need fuel. You wander the surface looking for plutonium before eventually succumbing to a storm.

1. Old Age

You spend an inordinate amount of time trying to register a flying monster before shooting it down in frustration. As you rush to the corpse to finally capture its data, you lose track of its resting place over a hill. Years later, you still think back to this missed conquest and wonder whether it would have made your name. Your partner heard your complaints for many years, but has since moved on. They consider their time with you a fleeting moment in an otherwise happy life. You pass in your sleep.

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