Why Legacy 'Destiny' Players Feel Left Behind

Way to act like adults, guys.

Last week, Bungie rolled out a major update for Destiny with the primary goal of setting things up for September’s Rise of Iron DLC. The not-so-memorably named was a practical measure, but also — for a certain group of people — represented a sad moment. From here on out, Destiny players who favor Xbox 360 or PS3 will no longer be getting regular updates.

Unless the game breaks, Bungie won’t provide any new content for their intergalactic shooter. Legacy players will also not be able to play the next (and possibly last) Destiny expansion. Also, after August 16, legacy players will be cut out of the loop on live events like the Trials of Osiris,and Iron Banner Crucible matches. New options for exotic weapons and armor will also be limited.

Predictably, player reaction hasn’t been totally positive.

The Most Shocking Reaction

Perhaps a testament to the devotion of Bungie’s fanbase, or maybe a sign that gamers are getting more mature, the collective reaction to Bungie’s last legacy update has been pretty subdued. To anyone who’s paid attention to video games over the last decade, that’s pretty shocking.

You can usually rely on gamers to throw a shit fit about anything and everything, but that hasn’t happened. Most legacy Destiny players are like this person, resigned to the fact that the end was inevitable. The Xbox 360 is 11 years old and the PS3 is 10 years old, which means devs have to move on.

Bungie Wants You to Upgrade

In June it was revealed 90 percent of Destiny players were on either an Xbox One or a PS4. That statistic was the prelude to the announcement that last gen consoles would be left behind beginning in August.

At this point, the push from Bungie is to get players on board with buying a new console to keep their adventure alive. The push has still been rather half-hearted, to be honest. It seems the developer figures it’s not worth marketing dollars to try and convince one-tenth of their player base to shell out the dough for a three-year-old console.

If you do upgrade, Bungie is making it easy to import a legacy character, so players who decide to go with prettier graphics and a better frame rate won’t be losing all their hard work.

If you’re a last gen Destiny player who desperately wants to get down on Rise of Iron, start putting away fifty bucks every pay check between here and September 20 because if you’re not on current gen, your Destiny has come to an end.

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