NASA TV Will Get More Up Close and Personal This Fall

Stay tuned. 

by Kastalia Medrano

NASA TV’s Space Station Live program, which has the distinction of looking kind of like a ‘90s time capsule except without the favorable nostalgia we ascribe to, say, the Space Jam website, will leave us for good this fall.

NASA announced on Friday that the program will be phased out this August and shuttered for good on September 1, but only because we’re getting something (presumably) better: behind-the-scenes footage from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, shared across NASA’s myriad social media channels, including YouTube. (Never fear: The space agency will keep going with its Space to Ground podcast.)

NASA is promising “new and unique stories” about the International Space Station, the Orion spacecraft program, and other projects as everyone gears up for the journey to Mars.

It’s not yet clear just what that coverage will comprise, though a press release does use the words “groundbreaking science taking place off the Earth, for the Earth.” Stay tuned, I suppose.

NASA TV at large will still be around to bring us coverage of launchings, dockings, and space walks going on at the ISS. You can also get all your ISS updates daily on its very own blog. The station will definitely be worth keeping an eye on this fall, as a three-person Soyuz crew begins its four-month mission.

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