Official 'Rick and Morty' Halloween Costumes Coming in September

You can stop hand-sewing your lab coat now, nerds.

Cartoon Network has just announced a partnership with PhatMojo to produce officially licensed Rick and Morty Halloween costumes, which will hit stores in September. Many fans, even those who don’t already cosplay as Rick Sanchez or Morty Smith, might find this news unimpressive, given that both characters’ costumes essentially boil down to blue and yellow shirts. However, the companies announced in a press release that costumes would include “Rick and Morty masks […] and a foam laser gun,” by which they might have meant Rick’s portal gun, one of the more difficult aspects of the costume.

The author pictured with strangers in homemade 'Rick and Morty' costumes.

Cartoon Network has quadrupled down on Rick and Morty swag, beyond costumes, introducing several new Funko POP! figurines (including plush), a “Total Rickall card game”, a game based on the Meeseeks box, puzzles, a TCG and a Rick and Morty themed Monopoly game.

Rick and Morty Season 3 is still due for a 2016 release, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Adult Swim is putting a lot of stock in the show doing well (again). Here’s hoping Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland churn out more enjoyable animation, either in spite of, or inspired by, all the Rick and Morty swag and merch that’s about to hit the market.

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