'Rick And Morty' Season 3 to Return in 2016 With More Episodes Than Ever

Dan Harmon confirmed the show's quick return while at Comic Con in January.

Dan Harmon confirmed at a Comic Con panel in January that Rick and Morty would return for a third season “around the end of this year”. He added that 2016 was two years earlier than he had originally anticipated, said “nobody blog about this,” and promised the season would include 14 episodes, though Season 1 had 11 episodes and Season 2 comprised only 10.

As we noted in December, Rick and Morty hired new, female writers and opted to write several callbacks into the show’s third season. Harmon and Roiland told the press that they had avoided referencing the show’s first season when they returned to production, in order to push themselves to expand the multiverse and develop minor characters. Now that they’ve laid enough groundwork, it seems the show’s creators are newly excited about referencing old jokes. I’m personally hoping to see Krombopulous Michael go killin’ again.

Harmon also shed some light on the show’s creation, telling fans that he and Justin Roiland had “split a Ritalin” before sitting down to write the Rick and Morty pilot episode together. He added that he had written the “Purge” episode in under twenty minutes, “almost sarcastically”, and said that Auto Erotic Assimilation was his favorite episode of the show so far.

The full Comic Con panel, at which Dan Harmon answered fan questions alongside Dino Stamatopoulos, the creator of Moral Orel and the actor who played Starburns on Harmon’s Community. Harmon’s comment on Season 3 of Rick and Morty begins below at 10:24.

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