Body Cam Captures 'Pokemon Go' Player Crashing Into Police Car

Don't train and drive, kids.

Getty Images / Olivia Harris

It’s a cautionary tale of common sense gone unused. Today, the Baltimore Police Department released body cam footage that shows a young man crashing his vehicle into a squad car, then emerging and blaming Pokemon Go for his mistake.

Recent news has produced quite a few similar cases of players being injured on the go, despite the game’s opening slide, which reminds players to stay aware of their surroundings at all times. Despite certain people blaming the game for their mishaps, the clear warnings (and growing fan-made warnings) serve as a reminder to use some basic logic while out capturing creatures. In this case, the driver — a young man with at least one passenger — was paying more attention to his phone than the road, and mandatory body cam footage was angled just the right way to capture the whole event.

The accident took place at about 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning in Baltimore, after the officers had just finished a call. The driver of a Toyota RAV 4 — looking down at his phone — skidded against the side of a police car and came to a stop moments later. The officers can be heard asking the driver if they’re okay, before the driver exits the car. “That’s what I get for playing this dumb a** game,” says the driver, before asking if the cops are alright.

While the assumed method of playing Pokémon Go is on foot, players have realized that it’s not steps that count when trying to level up and hatch eggs — it’s distance. With that in mind, many have taken to driving around on the hunt for more Pokémon, and somewhat seedy services have even begun to pop up billing themselves as an “Uber for Pokémon Go”. As ever, it’s just best to use your head when you’re out dominating your local gyms, and try to play on foot (or at least in the passenger’s seat) if you can.