John Cho's Twitter 'Star Trek' Karaoke Will Make Your Day

From Prince to Rod Stewart, Sulu and his crew are lip-synching straight into our Trekkie hearts 

Getty Images / Gareth Cattermole

With just days away from the release of Star Trek Beyond on Friday, the publicity machine for the mega franchise is ramping up at warp-speed. The final trailer dropped last night, the early reviews are buzzing positively, and future fourth film, featuring the return of Chris Hemsworth as Captain Kirk’s father, has even been announced.

Meanwhile, John Cho, our incumbent Mr. Sulu has been making waves in the media by revealing his versions of Sulu is now gay, a progressive fact that sparked more than a little controversy. With ominous themes present in various trailers for Star Trek Beyond and the devastating news of actor Aton Yelchin’s sudden passing, all of this Star Trek stuff feels incredibly heavy. Which might explain why, in part, John Cho is suddenly putting a bunch of selfie lip-synch videos on his Twitter account.

It looks like it all started back on July 6, when Karl Urban tweeted this short video of John Cho, Chris Pine, and himself doing their version of The Beatles’s famous hit “Strawberry Fields Forever.” (Note the faux-acid trip camera filter).

Next, we were treated to John Cho and Zoe Saldana keeping it purple by hitting some Prince real hard.

This one you may have seen: John Cho, Chris Pine and the late Anton Yelchin bringing it all home with Aretha Franklin’s “Freedom.”

Oh man. Sexy dudes from Star Trek doing some classic Rod Stewart? John Cho is officially a genius.

While no one is sure of Cho and Salanda’s actual singing abilities, there’s no reason to believe their version of this classic LL Cool J jam isn’t better than the original.

And…just posted today: Cho with Pine (back in his shades) bringing us Tina Turner’s perfect rendition of “Rollin on the River.”

Some of this videos clearly were taken while the cast was filming Star Trek Beyond (it’s not like they hang out in their Star Fleet uniforms at home) but other clips seem more recent. It’s not totally clear what inspired John Cho to document the making of Star Trek Beyond with his own bespoke version of selfie-karaoke, but Star Trek fans, and the Internet, thank him. The only question now is this: what could he possibly post on the day of the actual release of the film? The entire cast singing “We are the Champions?”

Star Trek Beyond opens this Friday.

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