The Ultimate Level Up Method in 'Pokemon Go'

Be the best in 'Pokemon Go' in record time.


The world is racing to be the best in Pokémon Go, the augmented reality app on smart devices from Nintendo and Niantic. Two weeks since launch, the game’s growing and dedicated audience has figured out how to level up super quick — you just have to be smart with the timing. If you’re eager to get past scrub numbers and get four digits on your Pokémon CP (“Combat Power”) levels, here’s how to actually step your game up.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A big-ass stock of Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Weedles. You’ll need ample amounts of Candies as well as actual Pokémon to level up. Annoying as it may be, you should catch as many of these Pokémon as you can, because it only costs 12 candies each to hatch these small fries. Lucky for you, these are extremely common Pokémon and can be found almost anywhere.
  • A handful of other Pokémon you can evolve. Y’know, just because. Why not?
  • A good stock of Lucky Eggs. When you collect a Lucky Egg, you can turn it “on” to enable double experience points gained for the half-hour it lasts. You won’t need many when you want to level up, but try to keep a few.
  • A few Pokémon Eggs in Incubators, close to hatching. If you don’t already, get a few Pokémon Eggs into Incubators and run around a bunch. Get them close enough so they’ll hatch within the half-hour the Lucky Eggs last.
  • A Lure Module and a nearby Pokéstop. Pretty self-explanatory.

Got ‘em all? Good. Now, here’s what you have to do.

1) Activate a Lucky Egg. You will now gain double experience points (XP) for everything you do, from catching and evolving Pokémon to fighting and beating Pokémon at Gyms. Scroll down to see a breakdown for all the actions that net XP and for how much at the bottom (and if you want to see a fool-proof method to beating Gyms, read up on our easy method to do that too).

2) Hatch Pokémon Eggs. I know, there’s a lot of eggs in this deal, but you should know the difference between a Lucky Egg and a Pokémon Egg. As mentioned previously, Pokémon Eggs in Incubators should be close to hatching once you activate Lucky Eggs so the XP you get when they hatch are doubled.

3) Evolve your Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Weedles. It costs just 12 Candies to evolve these Pokémon, the lowest amount it takes to evolve any Pokémon. Take advantage! With the Lucky Eggs activated, evolving these easy-peasy Pokémon into Pidgeottos, Raticates, and Kakunas will have you drowning in XP.

4) Evolve your other Pokémon too because why not. Because really, why not.

5) Get to a Pokéstop and drop a Lure Module. By now you should still have plenty of time left with the Lucky Egg. Everything you do nets double XP — including catching Pokémon and including bonuses for “Nice!”, “Great!” and curved Pokéball throws. Head to a Pokéstop and activate a Lure Module to bring wild Pokémon over to you. Catch as many as you come across, and use the Pokéstop to stock up on Pokéballs if you’re close to running out.

XP Breakdowns

Below is a breakdown of all the XP points you gain for certain actions. With a Lucky Egg activated, these points are doubled. (For example, catching Pokémon will result in 200 XP, evolving Pokémon results in 1,000 XP, etc.)

Catching Pokémon: 100 XP

Catching new Pokémon: 500 XP

Throwing a curved Pokéball: 10 XP

Throwing a “Nice” Pokéball: 10 XP

Throwing a “Great” Pokball: 50 XP

Throwing an “Excellent” Pokéball: 100 XP

Checking in at a Pokéstop: 50 XP

Battling a Trainer at a Gym: 100 XP

Defeating a Trainer at a Gym: 150 XP

Defeating a Pokémon at a friendly Gym: 50 XP

Hatching a Pokémon Egg: 200 XP

Evolving a Pokémon: 500 XP

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