Sad Droids Discuss British Politics

This was not the future England was looking for.

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum — aka Brexit — took place on June 23 and, yes, Britain voted to withdraw from the European Union. Across the world, and possibly across the galaxy, news has reverberated that the U.K. plans to leave the 28-country union at some point in the future.

At Star Wars Celebration Europe, held in London this weekend, we sought the counsel of droids, who voiced their opinions on trade, the forthcoming process, and whether the EU is more Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire.

“It is what it is. People have voted out and that’s that really,” says BB-8. “I don’t think half the country can be wrong.”

“It’s a stupid idea. It’s all about alliances, need to rely on your friends,” says another BB-8. “You need help, especially with the rebels you need friends and that’s actually what the EU does.”

“Heartbroken. Sad. Distressed,” says yet another BB-8.

“We’re very interested to see what happens with this whole procedure,” says R2-D2.

“Awful! Brexit shouldn’t have happened!,” says another BB-8.

“We’re left with Theresa May. She’s Emperor Palpatine,” says BB-8. “Jeremy Corbyn is Ben Kenobi.”

“It’s gonna be a long, hard journey,” says a flapper R2-D2.

“That man [Boris Johnson] is a laughing stock,” says this R2-D2.

“I voted in, because I follow people around as R2-D2!,” says this R2-D2. “He doesn’t judge people! He liked Anakin even when he was evil.”

“As a droid, I think it’s not logical,” says this BB-8.

So there you have it. BB-8’s and R2-D2’s, all seem to be for remaining in Europe, or at the very least, neutral about the whole thing. Maybe one day, droids will get the vote.

Media via Inverse, Getty Images