Pokemon Fans Are Going Nuts For Sad, Adorable Mimikyu

Mimikyu is precious and must be protected at all costs. 


In the midst of Pokémon Go mania, it’s easy to forget that the long-beloved franchise is on its way to a brand new chapter. Pokémon Sun and Moon is set for release on November 18, and leading up to the debut of the game’s newest “generation”, the folks behind the franchise are releasing teaser shots of the new creatures players can meet while exploring new regions.

But beyond the usual debate over which starter is best — Litten, obviously — a new, immediate obsession has begun to spread throughout the fandom surrounding one addition that has pulled at players’ heartstrings already. Meet Mimikyu: a ghost/fairy-type Pokémon who just wants to be loved as much as Pikachu.

After seeing how much trainers and other Pokémon loved Pikachu, a lonely, shy Mimikyu (whose English name has not yet been released) donned a handmade veil to disguise itself as the huggable electric rodent. Rumor has it that those who remove the veil over Mimikyu will suffer a horrible illness as a consequence, but from the looks of it, the only thing the internet wants for Mimikyu is happiness.

Mimikyu’s moveset is still a bit of a mystery, but trainers looking for the coveted new Pokémon might find them in caves, or at night, given Mimikyu’s affinity for hiding in the shadows. There’s no clear image of Mimikyu without its veil, and given that previously mentioned horrible illness, there’s probably a good reason why that’s never happened. Beady eyes shine out from the “stomach” of the veil, and a dark “tail” is all that’s really visible.

This is hardly the first species-related storyline to spark emotions: Let us not forget the precious orphaned Cubone from the first generation of games, who also covered its face. Except, in Cubone’s case, it was wearing the skull of its dead mother. Pokémon can get pretty deep, folks.

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