The Internet Has Already Picked Its Favorite Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter

I need a Growlithe, a Litten, and a townhouse in Alola -- stat.


The Pokémon Company is continuing to tease fans with more details from Pokémon Sun and Moon, the next set of games that will extend the beloved Japanese franchise worldwide this winter. Set in the Alola region, this colorful take on the game saga will likely feature the newly favored trainer customization, and a new visual take on the world of Pokémon.

Today, the internet was introduced to the game’s three new starter Pokémon, a traditional trio of grass, fire, and water, respectively named Popplio, Litten, and Rowlet. One of the fan-favorite debates of revolves around each generation’s most beloved starter, and while one can argue numbers for hours, artists and fans have seemingly picked this one as the favorite.

We’ll likely need an official poll, but if reactions to the the official Pokemon twitter and facebook are any indication, the new fire-type starter, Litten, is taking the cake. At the moment, fans have no idea how the starters will evolve or what most of the Alola region looks like, but the breezy shores and beaches of the game seems like a promising piece of Johto-based nostalgia brought to life in 3D. The love for Litten is likely assisted by the internet’s overall obsession with cats, but the fans haven’t been shy with their newfound adoration for the critter.

At the moment, there’s no telling what kind of path trainers will take in Alola, or which of the three starters will actually turn out to be the most advantageous. But for now, fan artists are enjoying the cute new trio — particularly when it comes to drawing Litten into quirky situations from some of the internet’s best cat videos — and that’s all any eager trainer can ask for.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18th.

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