Nymeria Will Fight A Dragon in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 

We can already predict Season 7's big anticipated fight. 


For once on Game of Thrones, Season 6 was a good time to be a Stark. Jon came back to life and was crowned King in the North; Sansa fed her rapist to dogs and asserted herself as a power player nobody wants to fuck with, Bran found out who Jon’s mother is, giving fans information they’ve wanted to know for years, and Arya got revenge for the Red Wedding. To top it all off, House Stark’s Direwolf banner flies in Winterfell once more.

That said, Season 6 was a terrible time for direwolves. Bran’s wolf Summer met her end fighting White Walkers, Rickon’s wolf Shaggydog was beheaded by Ramsay Bolton, and Ghost didn’t even make an appearance by Jon’s side when he was crowned King.

But now that we’re moving into a time for wolves — both literally, as the Starks rise to power once more and figuratively, as the last book was originally supposed to be called A Time For Wolves — that’s going to change. In Season 7, Nymeria will fight a dragon and it’s going to be sick.

If you don’t remember who Nymeria is, it’s understandable: We haven’t seen Arya’s direwolf since she forced her to run away in Season 1, in order to save her from punishment for attacking Joffrey.

Nymeria is still alive and out there, prowling the countryside. Now that her Stark is back in Westeros, it’s only a matter of time until they’re reunited in Season 7.

Where does a dragon come into play? Well, just because Daenerys has set sail for Westeros, it doesn’t mean she’s going to have an easy welcome. Cersei will not be keen to relinquish the Iron Throne, and for everyone else, the memory of The Mad King still lives large. Neither lords nor bannermen nor ordinary citizens are going to feel calm at the sight of a silver-haired Targaryen conqueror with fire-breaking dragons. It might have been a hopeful sight for the end of Season 6 but it spells doom to Westeros.

As the new King of The North, Jon will not be quick to trust her. He doesn’t even know she’s his aunt.

Daenerys will be forced to use her dragons to lay down the law, and a newly emerged Nymeria will have none of it. The Battle of The Bastards was just a warm-up act. Season 7 will feature Direwolf versus dragon, and it will be the show’s most anticipated fight since Season 4’s The Mountain versus The Viper.

If the writers don’t go there, it will be the show’s biggest missed opportunity.

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